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Welcome to the registered users' section of the website.  Registered users can access discussion forums, noticeboards, careers information and resources that will not be available on the public pages. Registered users can also set up a "Watch" function that allows you to individually which pages, forums and topics you would like to keep track of.  Once the Watch function is set up, you will receive email notification of changes, only for those pages, forums and topics that you have selected.  It's a great way of keep in touch without having to visit the website all the time!

If you are already registered, to login, click on the "User login" link in the top right-hand corner of this page. If you are already logged in, go to the Registered Users Area.

If you are new to ERA and are not already registered with us, registration is free and you can register now.  Please note that only those who hold an email address with ".edu", "", or "" in it will be able to register via this website. 

Others can email and a login can be set up at the discretion of the site administrator. This system is intended to prevent the forums and noticeboards being used for nefarious purposes...

Once you have registered with ERA, your email address will be added to our email lists to receive advance notice of events and other information. 

We hope you enjoy this section of the ERA website. 

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Updated: 18 Jun 2012