Travel Exchange Program 2019 - applications invited

We are pleased to announce that applications for the Emerging Researchers in Ageing Travel Exchange Program 2019 are invited from Australian PhD / Professional Doctorate candidates who:

  • have been enrolled in a PhD / PD program at an Australian university for at least one year full-time (two years part-time) or have completed such a program within the last year; and
  • are conducting research that is ageing-related; and
  • intend to remain in the field of ageing research in Australia post-PhD / PD.

With thanks to the support of the ARC Centre of Excellence in Population Ageing Research (CEPAR), the ERA initiative is able to make available funding for up to one international and two national exchanges in the 2019 funding round. Funding amounts will be provided up to AUD$5,000 for each national exchange and AUD$10,000 for the international exchange. These are maximum amounts and ERA reserves the right to determine the number of exchanges and the actual amount awarded per exchange on a case-by-case basis. Applicants are encouraged to apply for additional funding from their home universities, and preference will be given to applicants who have been awarded such funding. All funding must be used before Tuesday 1 December 2020. If unsuccessful in the current funding round, you will need to reapply to be considered for the next funding round.

An 'exchange' means that a successful applicant will spend six weeks or longer working at a university other than their own, under the supervision of an academic expert in their field. The work undertaken during the exchange must be strongly related to issues affecting older adults living in Australia. Before applying for the exchange funding, applicants must:

  • develop a collaborative research program and identify a suitable research mentor at an appropriate Australian or international research institution to collaborate with; and
  • contact and gain provisional approval in writing from the proposed academic mentor regarding the proposed research collaboration and being hosted by the institution for the term of the exchange.

To apply please complete the detailed online application form. Please note you must have provisionally arranged your exchange with your host institution and academic mentor before completing the form:

You will be asked about your work during the exchange, how it relates to your PhD research, and the outcomes you expect from an exchange.

Applications close Monday 30 September 2019, with the outcome to be announced at ERA 2019 conference on Monday 4 November 2019.

Please direct all enquiries regarding the ERA Travel Exchange Program to